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November 2014
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Good times in Kuala Lumpur

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On 28 Nov 2008, we decided to make a road trip up North to visit the new skatepark in Putra Jaya.

The road bums were; Ryan (Youngest dude in the tour), Siong Wei (the horny cute guy cum driver), Lawrence (cameraman), Cartoon (small but big tricks), CK (driver), Huffy (driver cum video), Simon (driver), Alex (navigator) and Gerald (navigator).

With the help of google map and Alex’s Nokia N95 GPS, we were able to find the skatepark with super ease. The route took us through unfamiliar no sign-board road, village, plantation and dense jungle. Anyway, it was a good sight seeing drive. Definitely nicer than driving on the boring highway with superbikes overtaking us.

Putra Jaya skatepark is really deserted and far from 7-11. Maybe once it is completed, we should see more people and shops. The park which is located beside a cemetry, comprises of a big spread out cement park. Some dirt jumps for BMX and MTB that is still under construction. A giant area for a halfpipe and mini ramp. According to the locals, the pipe and ramp may not happen due to budget. Other than those, nobody even cares. Finally, if you are riding at the big cement park for the first time. Check for on coming traffic and check your blind spot all the time. Accident is very common because there are no fix route, signs, zebra crossing or traffic lights. Riders, skaters, bladers and gay walking come from all direction at high speed.

We didn’t spend the whole trip at Putra Jaya. The next day, we headed for Shah Alam. The place is now super crowded because KFC and Pizza hut set up their branches there. Best of all, they are 24hrs. Sad to say, the park only on its light till 12midnight. Worst of all, the lights are orange and dim, making it hard to ride! sial…”is that how you spell it”

Finally, we want to thanks Mr Ryan’s mom and dad for making the trip possible. Without his mom’s turbo charged SUV, we wouldn’t even make it to the causeway. Without his dad’s 5 stars accomodation, we would be sleeping in some drain and showering in the mosquito larvae infested puddle.

Here is a video specially edited by Huffy Pro…..enjoy!

KL road trip 2008 from 20inchOBlog on Vimeo.


Comment from huffy
Time December 18, 2008 at 4:15 pm

great trip! looking forward for another road trip!

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