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October 2014
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Superstar Neutral fork

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We just got news from Superstar and they are coming out with a new fork. The sample is not out yet but you can get a glimpse of it.

Here are some details on the fork:
- Steer tube is flutted inside and CNC outside. Steer tube thread is deep. No problem if you cut it, you’ll still have thread to go.
- Crown race is taper to match 45 degrees bearing. Crown cone not needed.
- Top cap is shown in the picture, one on right. Left one is on the St Martin flatland fork.
- Blades are 31.8 mm O.D. taper, triple butted + flutted. Nothing is better now.
- Bottom of blade are round as pictured.
- Dropouts are hollow, 5.8 mm thick. See attached picture to see how hollow dropouts are made.
ATTENTION: these are not the actual dropouts. The actual ones will be small (Micropegs ready) with vertical axle entry.
- Weight should be around 850 grams.

That’s all I have for the fork. It is a modern and light weigh fork. Neutral fork sticks perfectly with Superstar philosophy: innovation, technique, simplicity.

Check out the inside of the Steerer tube.
Fluted Steerer Tube

Tapered Crown race. No need to press in the headset crown.

Triple butted, flutted, tapper and rounded.

Superstar pressure cap on the right.

BTW here is a link of Superstar new rider.
Click Video


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